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Women may, over time, experience stretching of their earlobes to the point that they are unattractively large, flaccid, or both. Earlobe Reduction or Earlobe Augmentation are minor procedures that may restore balance and allow the wearing of certain earrings in a more pleasing manner.

Earlobe Reduction and/or Earlobe Augmentation are performed under local anesthesia.

In Earlobe Reduction, the excess tissue is excised and the edges are sewn together: sutures are usually removed in seven to ten days, leaving a scar that often looks like a crease in the ear lobule.

Because flaccid earlobes are the result of tissue volume loss, Earlobe Augmentation involves the injection of fat cells or one of several fillers. If fat cells are used, a few are harvested usually from your abdomen and washed before injection into your earlobes. (See our section on Injectable Fillers for more information.)

Most patients immediately return to work and resume their usual level of aerobic activity the following day.

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