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Unwanted fat cells can ruin an otherwise attractive neckline. Women of all ages may loose neck contour and develop jowls due to an excess of fat cells. The Weekend Facelift offers a way to reduce fat cell deposits, improve neck contour, and restore the jaw line.

Not everyone wants or needs a facelift to restore neck and jaw line contour; for those patients, the Weekend Facelift may be all that is needed.

The loss of clean neck and jaw lines is often due to the presence of excess fat cells but may have nothing to do with being overweight. Fat cells are bulky and, much like balloons, have the capacity to expand. Contrary to popular belief, an obese person does not necessarily have more fat cells than a thinner person. Another reality is the fact that fat cells – even if they contain little fat – take up room. In the lower face and in the region below the chin, the accumulation of even a few excess fat cells causes distortion.

A layer of excess fat cells may produce a double-chin that distorts one’s profile or blunt the jaw line, forming jowls. While diet and exercise are always a healthy life choice, they may not be enough to restore a jaw line or enhance a neck profile.

The Weekend Facelift combines external ultrasound technology with refined liposculpting to reduce excess fat deposits under the chin and along the jaw line using a single 4 mm incision. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, with or without sedation, in less than an hour. Because it is less invasive, most patients are able to return to a desk job within 48 hours, already looking better!

If you seek improvement of your neck and jaw lines through a minimal procedure, requiring little down time, ask about the Weekend Facelift.

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