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Unwanted fat cells can ruin an otherwise attractive physique. Men of all ages complain most often about the region around their beltline. Liposuction offers a way to reduce those deposits and improve body contour.

Fat cells are bulky, and, much like balloons, have the capacity to expand. Contrary to popular belief, an obese person does not necessarily have more fat cells than a thinner person; rather, their cells are simply more inflated. Another reality of our bodies is the fact that fat cells even if they contain little fat still take up room. It is not surprising to hear that patients who exercise regularly and eat sensibly still complain of unwanted fat deposits; one would have to be at the point of starvation to fully deflate a fat cell.

It should come as no surprise that men carry the highest concentration of fat cells around their mid-section. This layer of cells not only hides the abdominal muscles that all those sit-ups and crunches strive to develop, it also accounts for the bulk that produces so-called love handles.

While liposuction should not be considered at all effective in overall weight reduction, it does allow for thinning of the unwanted layer of fat cells that distorts body contour. Because fat cells are so bulky, reducing their number allows for the losses of inches in most patients. With the advent of external ultrasound using power-assisted liposuction, the entire abdominal and flank regions may be sculpted to enhance and restore the waistline. The entire abdominal and flank ring may be treated through only two 4 mm incisions.

If you are discouraged that your diet and exercise program has not yielded the results you desired, consider adding liposuction to your workout.

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