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Enlargement of the male breast, gynecomastia, is sometimes painful and always an embarrassment. Fortunately, treatment is possible and may be less involved than you thought.

Male breast enlargement develops at puberty in 40-60% of the population and frequently resolves spontaneously in one or two years. When it persists, as it does in at least 10-15% of cases, the condition is known as gynecomastia.

Men with gynecomastia hide their condition with bulky clothing and usually avoid any activity that might expose their chest. Even though the condition is usually due to excess fat, gynecomastia often occurs in the absence of obesity and does not usually respond to weight loss. The only effective treatment is operative.

Fortunately, most cases of gynecomastia are able to be corrected with liposuction performed on an out patient basis. Incisions are placed in the armpit making them very difficult to detect, and most patients return to a desk job after 3 or 4 days wearing a compression vest under regular clothing.

Successful correction of gynecomastia allows you to live a fuller life without the embarrassment of enlarged breasts. You donít have to hide anymore.

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