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Men with pierced ears may, over time, experience intentional or unintentional stretching of their earlobe holes to the point that they no longer can contain a post-type earring. In others, usually at the hands of an inquisitive baby or during contact sports, an earring is ripped completely through the lobe, leaving a bifid, or forked, earlobe.

Repair of a partially or completely torn lobe is usually performed under local anesthesia and takes less than 30 minutes per side. In each case, the torn or stretched rim of the defect is excised and the edges are sewn together: sutures are usually removed in seven to ten days, leaving a scar that often looks like a crease in the earlobe.

Usually, after four to six weeks, re-piercing can be done. Because scar is not strong enough to support earrings, the new piercing is placed slightly away from the original site. Re-piercing in scar would likely result in another tear.

Most patients immediately return to work. Strenuous activities, such as contact sports, are restricted for the first month but most patients resume their usual level of aerobic activity the following day.

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